Latest stats and figures

The continual rise of Ethical Investing

From increased public interest in sustainable themes, demographic shifts and regulatory changes, there many reasons why the interest in Ethical Investing is on the rise. 

Growth in Sustainable Investments (2012-2018)

Data: Morningstar 2020

% of sustainable funds that have outperformed their benchmarks Q1 2020

Data: Blackrock 2020  

Ethical funds by approach
* Data from The Good Investment Review & 3D Investing, October 2020

Sustainable fund flows

The global sustainable universe attracted USD 71.1 billion in net flows in Q2 of 2020 continuing (and accelerating) the flows into sustainable investments.

Data: Morningstar 2020

Low Carbon fund flows

Low Carbon designated fund flows have been on a downward trend in recent quarters, despite overall sustainable fund flows skyrocketing. However, in Q2 2020, a huge amount of assets have poured into Low Carbon designated funds. #COVID-19 impact anyone?

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