About us

We aim to educate, challenge, and combine our expertise to assist investment managers, investors, and existing initiatives in achieving a more sustainable world.

What do we do?

   Through engaging events and thoughtful roundtable discussions, we provide a platform for debate, reflection, and growth within our network. We connect like-minded individuals, collate important insights and contribute to the evolution of responsible, ESG and sustainable investment approaches across the industry.

Our membership have a wealth of experience and expertise which has the vast potential to drive the responsible investment industry forward. Therefore, we feed our collective insights back to regulatory bodies and policymakers to ensure that the interests and expertise of our membership are considered and utilised. 


Who should join?

We recognise that there isn't a one-size-fits-all approach to sustainable and ESG investing so we welcome discretionary investment professionals from a range of specialisms. Whether that be sustainability investment managers, ethical PMs or climate MPS managers, our members are dedicated to making a difference via investing. As an individual responsible for client assets, your voice is integral to the responsible investment industry.

By leveraging the collective power of investment professionals, asset allocators, and financial advisers, we strive to drive the sustainable change that the investment industry desperately needs. 

Paris, Sophia and Rowan have worked in the investment industry for many years but are not regulated to give  any other form of investment advice. We are also not regulated by the industry watchdog. Virtuvest is an educational and guidance website only; it aims to connect investors, not advise them. Whilst we make every effort to ensure our information is up to date and accurate we can not be held responsible for decisions made using our services or those linked to our sites. Should you wish to seek investment advice, please reach out to a qualified investment practitioner.