About us

What are we

We are a group of passionate individuals who want to help drive change in the investment industry. 

We have a keen interest in ethical investing, want to share our expertise, connect with like-minded individuals, and contribute to the evolution of ethical investment approaches. 

Through events, newsletters, and roundtables we aim to further the importance, understanding, and role of sustainable investing within the investment management industry. 

Our network is a space for debate, discussion, and reflection

We aim to educate, challenge, and combine our expertise to assist investment managers, investors, and existing initiatives in achieving a more ethical and sustainable world.

Why are we

We were born out of the COVID-19 crisis.

As ethical enthusiasts, who have supported ethical investing for a number of years, we were unsurprised when sustainable and ethical funds held up through the global pandemic of 2020. We realised there would never be a more appropriate time to channel our passion into generating positive change. 

Across the investment industry there is no one standard approach to ethical investing - however there are a number of experts with excellent insight. By harnessing the power of each of these specialists, we identified that we could work collectively to drive the sustainable change that the industry so desperately needs. 

Who are we

Virtuvest was founded by Paris Jordan, Socially Responsible fund selector, and Sophia Sednaoui, Business Development at Carmignac.

But, we are more than our founders. We are investment professionals, asset allocators, financial advisers and individuals with a passion for ethical investing. 

The sum of our parts are greater than our whole.

Paris and Sophia have worked in the investment industry for many years but are not regulated to give  any other form of investment advice. We are also not regulated by the industry watchdog. Virtuvest is an educational and ethical guidance website only; it aims to connect investors, not advise them. Whilst we make every effort to ensure our information is up to date and accurate we can not be held responsible for decisions made using our services or those linked to our sites. Should you wish to seek ethical investment advice, please reach out to a qualified investment practitioner.