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Responding to a FCA Discussion Paper

Virtuvest are currently collating fund selector and portfolio manager feedback on the FCA's Discussion Paper on Sustainability Disclosure Requirements. 


How to get involved

Submit your feedback via our survey link
Or, contact us to join our virtual discussion

Steering Committees

Our Steering Committee is made up of volunteers who want to work with us to solve ESG issues. There are six individuals per working group who focus on a specific challenge. 

Working Group 1:  A Fund Selector's View - Best Practice Guide

Asset managers have created some incredible and revolutionary ESG products in recent years, but our Committee have identified that the quality of products ranges dramatically. As such, this group aims to provide an insight into what investment professionals really expect from their investments.

Working Group 2:  ESG Education

ESG has seen a huge rise in popularity and prominence over the past few years but that doesn't mean that everyone got on the train. This group aims to identify ways of improving the ESG knowledge of all industry participants. Ensuring no person is left behind, this includes those important decision-makers in the C-suite.

Working Group 3: To be launched

We are seeking interested individuals who are passionate about ESG and Sustainability for our third working group. 

Collectively, they will chose a topic close their hearts and work collaboratively to helping solve it.


Q1 2022
Presentation from a horticultural and plant diversity specialist - what investors need to be considering when investing in agricultural, industrial and utilities companies - date to be confirmed, watch out for our newsletter!